The other day on KGBs morning show, they did a list of the Top 10 most overrated movies of all-time. Movie Review - Reservoir Dogs - eFilmCritic Like all his films, it took an old stock genre premise -- an armed robbery goes wrong, and in the aftermath the gang tries to figure out which of them is an undercover cop -- and made it twitch back to life. Most Overrated Quentin Tarantino Movie - DVD Talk Forum Tarantino is overrated and overhated, but not the most of either. The whole combination is glorious. Yes, despite the fact that he made 3 good movies (pulp fuction, reservoir dogs and jackie brown), he is overrated. Top-10 most overrated directors of all time - IMDb That's a long time! His movie formula never changes, his excessive use of violence is expected when you are going to one of his movies and his storylines aren't that briliant. Most Overrated Quentin Tarantino Movie - Page 2 - DVD Talk ... Reservoir Dogs. Top 10 Overrated Movies - Listverse Apart from the wonderful turn by Daniel Day-Lewis Gangs of New York was a big disapppointment. Quentin Tarantino might be the most overrated director of ... Forums "Reservoir Dogs" might have stolen the Mexican standoff from "City on Fire," but "City on Fire" also stole it from the 1966 film "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly." And "Pulp Fiction" is no exception. There is a plane crash, and the two men who survive find themselves lost in the jungle. Todd Haynes, overrated. Fellini, popular. Mamasan23 Posts: 16,362. this isn't not a joke. Reservoir Dogs is Overrated This will probably get a lot of down votes but just please try to see my point. OB user sync. by Sam Hill. Tenang, karena kini kamu tidak perlu khawatir lagi. Reservoir Dogs wins for actually having a tight script and a plot that effectively sucks you in! A remarkable debut—a born virtuoso- like Welles, The Coen Brothers or our two fathers of the French New Wave this one comes direct from Tarantino as a wholly realized voice and cinematic vision. Pink from "Reservoir Dogs" and reminding the players that they are supposed to be professionals. If you're upset about Nolan praise then you are stuck in the past. The most overrated film ever. Reservoir Dogs Pulp Fiction. Personally I think it's overrated to consider it overrated. 6/08/10: Flathead King: The only good film that Tarantino has made. Pulp Fiction is incredibly overrated. Every scene. 4/17/10: PAUL SHORTT: BRILLIANT, IF REPELLENT, VIOLENT AND FLASHY: 7/23/09: Meatbog: Plays through as an unpredictable rollercoaster leaving you giddy but wanting a second trip: 5/25/08 . Jackie Brown 3. Definitely. Catatan: daftar nama squad keren di bawah ini sudah kami update terbaru & UNIK 2021 sehingga kamu bisa langsung menemukan yang disukai, semuanya anti mainstream! Reservoir Dogs is extremely overrated, I have no desire to ever rewatch it again Discussion I respect its influence and legacy but it is not that good. Running Scared (2006) R | 122 min | Action, Crime, Drama. Overall, cinema-goers marginally prefer the movie, giving it an average score of 87%, compared to film critics, who gave it a slightly lower average score of 83%. Reservoir Dogs is extremely overrated, I have no - reddi Fleetwood Mac can't be overrated - they are legends. With Reservoir Dogs often being referred to as a clever heist movie without the heist, one user doesn't understand why it's seen that way and goes as far as to call it boring. So in that regard, the movie was disappointing and overrated in my eyes. Is Quentin Tarantino overrated? this is my video on why the acclaimed movie pulp fiction is actually a bad movie. Dogs, Pulp, Jackie Brown, True Romance) and the other type is what he calls his movie movie, that is the kind of movie that characters in Tarantino World would go to see (Dusk till Dawn, Kill Bill, Death Proof). In January of. He does some interesting things for sure. DVD Talk Legend . Pulp is much better than Dogs. Everything else he's done has mediocre writing and tries to get by on shock value." But this is a very unpopular opinion, as fans on IMDb voted Reservoir Dogs as his fifth-best movie, and every movie he directed ranks at a seven or higher for total votes. Neither is it about magic nor can it promise a decent movie-watching experience. Pulp Fiction is viewed as the inspiration for many later movies that adopted various elements of its style. This Article is related to: Features and tagged Django Unchained, El Rey Network, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill Vol. (Reservoir Dogs lifted many of its tricks directly from the Hong Kong film City on Fire; Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown are the Tarantino movies with the most flamboyant use of racist language . That is one of my favorite movies of all time and a masterpiece. Message. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 9. This guy has had way too many accounts trolling all . Critics adored the movie, for some weird reason. With the wildly successful revival of his slasher franchise Halloween (2018)—though he didn't direct the reboot—as well as the highly-anticipated release of Halloween Kills in October, Carpenter's influence appears to be here to stay. An early Jack Nicholson thriller directed by the future executive producer of Reservoir Dogs, Flight to Fury is about an expedition of treasure hunters in the Philippines. Whoops. Every film. January 2013. NOT APOCALYPSE NOW! This is a reference to the same Alabama from True Romance . Location: Sacramento, Calif. Posts: 13,525 Likes: 0 Received 2 Likes on . The "greatest independent film of all time", Reservoir Dogs, uses the dialogue-driven buildup to the point of nausea.As does Pulp Fiction. . What I rediscovered was a hardcore . I liked True Romance and Reservoir Dogs when they came out. Idk who still is universally held high enough to be considered most overrated, maybe Nolan? I agree with this pick . But therein lies at least part of Hunky Dory 's charm. for this sake, i'm exlcuding shot/guest/tv stuff Pulp Fiction Reservoir Dogs Django Basterds Jackie Brown Death Proof Kill Bill 2 Kill Bill 1. . Quentin Tarantino references pop culture with the inclusion of Madonna's song Like a Virgin. The hot dogs are made with lamb. I would suggest the OP watches a few special features, interview style shows or read occasionally. Reservoir Dogs is decent. Idk who still is universally held high enough to be considered most overrated, maybe Nolan? Reservoir dogs is the overrated one, IMO. While I don't hate Pulp Fiction, I don't love it either.. Reply Cancel reply The film tells the story of seemingly unrelated characters whose lives are tied . In Reservoir Dogs, Joe Cabot mentions that Alabama was Mr. White's former partner. The OP thinks both directors are overrated but you would be in a minority there. But I don't like him or. Movie Forums . The Prestige (2006) This movie is misleading, I tell you. 1. The content on our website is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice or to replace a relationship with a qualified healthcare professional. With breath-taking use of the word 'actually' critic Merydith Bunyon wrote a piece describing Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs 'overrated, noisy, and actually a footnote in modern film.' That piece was then shared on Facebook by her Mum and has been read by up to 15 people. Reservoir Dogs doesn't end well for the gang, and by the time the end credits roll all but one are definitely dead. Tarantino has never had an original bone in his body. He scrambled the chronology, poured hot sauce onto the dialogue, and made the bleeding . Not bad movies but not special in my opinion. VazGaming sudah mengumpulkan ribuan nama squad atau tim terbaik yang memang terbukti keren-keren dan mempunyai arti tersendiri. True musicians and songwriters. Sort by: List Order Popularity Alphabetical IMDb Rating Number of Votes Release Date Runtime Date Added. Pink, who might be something of a weasel but he at least tries to keep an air of professionalism when things go awry. Reservoir Dogs 4. Both directors body of work speaks for it self. Gangs of New York got robbed at the Oscars because of that movie. Chicago. DS1119 wrote: Reservoir Dogs Pulp Fiction Everything else is overrated. after those 6 i ranked, im not a fan. Hateful Eight 7. That is a horrible list. Reservoir Dogs 1992 This isn't a bad movie. I would rate those as excellent movies. The Hateful Eight is a feature-length homage to its director's own niche obsessions and is a far cry from the subtle nods to film genres that decorated his early masterworks such as Reservoir Dogs Reservoir Dogs - 1992 Tarantino. The Most Overrated Movies ever. 2 5. Quentin moved with his mother to Torrance, California, when he was four years old. deathproof . I would rather watch True Romance, Natural Born Killers, Snatch. Kill Bill: Vol. Don't be looking for a punchline, because this isn't the set-up to a joke but rather, to the scene that pretty much single-handedly reshaped American cinema. 2. 7.3. ear on 7/19/2010 Jackie Brown had more wit and a craftier plot than Reservoir Dogs. View: 100 titles. Yet, hipsters keep defining him one of the greatest geniuses of cinema. Reservoir Dogs is decent. But it doesnt have the replay value of either django or dusk til dawn for me thus it comes in close 3rd. i dont think its overated at all, its a landmark film..i like reservoir dogs..but i would say everything about pulp fiction is an improvement. For instance, he plays with time, angles/POV, cliché ideas of masculinity, etc. Thought pulp fiction was terribly overrated. Kill Bill: Vol. True Romance, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Inglorious Basterds were all damn good IMHO. 6-reservoir dogs Honestly hateful might have been my most enjoyable watch of all of these. There's no denying that Reservoir Dogs is a hugely important and influential film; after hitting the big time when it was first released back in '92 . 10. One L.A. Lakers great is playing the role of Mr. His three films in the TSPDT top 1000 are Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction of course. I love Tarantino films as much as the next guy and I would say Pulp Fiction is the best movie I have ever seen . I agree. 7. It was just unimpressive. Everything else is overrated. His movies also have 34 Oscar nominations and seven wins. Online reviewers have written 915 reviews, giving Reservoir Dogs (1992) an average rating of 84%. . A taut 99 minutes— so weird given the rest of QT's sometimes overly-talky work (I mostly don't even . Join Date: Jun 2002. Following an HR investigation regarding multiple complaints about his behavior on the set, Jeff Garlin, who has played family patriarch Murray . Reservoir Dogs IS a great film (so is The Killing) and BO's opinion is subjective, albeit commented on with a great deal of unnecessary snootiness. The first to be made was Reservoir Dogs in 1994. 3).I loved Reservoir Dogs, True Romance and all of the other films that Tarantino has worked on, except for one. Pulp Fiction was unique for a mainstream film but I don't think it matched the hype. If you're upset about Nolan praise then you are stuck in the past. Running Scared (2006) R | 122 min | Action, Crime, Drama. jessforevermine. The one unforgettable scene of the movie takes place in a fifties-style diner called Jack Rabbit Slim's, where Travolta orders a "Douglas Sirk steak" and a . Retired seven-time champion Robert Horry, who . Of course he's had misses . Remoulade is a mayonnaise-based sauce but sweeter. Tod Browning, overrated. I totally agree - two vastly over-rated movies!!! Reservoir Dogs, is a gangster film and pays homage to films such as Taxi Driver (Martin Scorsese, 1976). It's too raw, almost like a student film. Reservoir Dogs is great too. Frankenjanken. On the side, they put in diced raw onion, fried onion, and on top, they squeeze homemade ketchup, sweet mustard, and remoulade. Tarantino's most enthralling movie is Reservoir Dogs, but the quintessential expression of his art is Pulp Fiction, in large part due to the nonchalant performance of John Travolta. 7.3. Reservoir Dogs = ok, but overrated. Ingmar Bergman, overrated. Why does everyone insist this movie is so amazing? And, even if Bowie is playing a character, it's nothing as obvious as Ziggy Stardust or the Thin White Duke, so it feels like a stripped down and somehow more pure David Bowie. pulp fiction TheFireRises. The stand has been open since 1937. There are two different types of movies Tarantino makes. The following list talks about ten such overrated films. One is a movie set in the "real" world (Tarantino's world) (Res. . MateoU2 on 7/19/2010 I choose Reservoir Dogs, hands down. The Goldbergs is about to be down a family member. ‎Show The Bozo Island, Ep Bozo Island Episode 0- A Bozo, StiloReacts, And Mel VersuzCastravaganza - Dec 27, 2021 Pulp fiction is good but I have to go with the original which is Reservoir Dogs . dunkirk and tenet recieved plenty of criticism and lack of universal praise. on 4/18/2020. Death Proof (simultaneously overrated and underrated) Stoicorum. It relies way too much on style and not enough on storyline. I think Tarantino is a very gifted writer. Singers such as Brittany Spears, Beyonce, Justin Bieber etc can be overrated, but not Fleetwood Mac. Saw that at the flicks the same week as Reservoir Dogs, and there was all this uproar of these new and increasingly violent films coming out. I found it to be the most butt-aching and shallo. . Reservoir Dogs is a heavily plagiarized work from Kubricks' 'The Killing' and the Hong Kong movie 'City on Fire'. Jan 31, 2016. I'm sure we all remember the little ear-severing two-step that Michael Madsen performed way back in Quentin Tarantino 's . Jackie Brown 8. . Tarantino is overrated and overhated, but not the most of either. And seriously, after Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs, Django is nothing but disappointment. So, from the films of his that I have seen, I'd have to say The Hateful Eight is the most overrated. The problem with Tarantino's use of dialogue is: it is, quite literally, the only thing he does. Shane Midnight Cowboy Taxi Driver as far as both of those are concerned I have a hard time being really enthusiastic about movies that make me feel like hanging myself on a shower rod after watching them. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional prior to beginning any diet or exercise program or taking any dietary supplement. Set around the aftermath of a jewelry heist gone wrong, it focuses on the criminals that suspect one of themselves to be a police informant. 1 6. Everything else he's done has mediocre writing and tries to get by on shock value." But this is a very unpopular opinion, as fans on IMDb voted Reservoir Dogs as his fifth-best movie, and every movie he directed ranks at a seven or higher for total votes. If anyone wants to talk overrated, then you can stay right in this fucking decade with the comic book movies and Peele shitfests and star wars up to birth abortions. The Departed (2006) I do remember finding Man Bites Dog quite funny. Top 100 Most Overrated Movies. top 100 films: 1. top 100 films of the decade: 6 ( Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill, Inglourious Basterds Django Unchained) most overrated: Nothing overrated by TSPDT on QT. The music is timeless, the lyrics obtuse yet strangely relevant. on 12/7/2019. Writer | Reservoir Dogs Quentin Jerome Tarantino was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. His father, Tony Tarantino, is an Italian-American actor and musician from New York, and his mother, Connie (McHugh), is a nurse from Tennessee. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . Reservoir Dogs Buy posters from this movie: by Brian McKay "A classic freshman effort full of bark AND bite" After the disappointing KILL BILL 2 a few weeks ago, I decided to revisit Tarantino's roots, just to get a taste of the masterful old Q.T. Give me Jackie Brown's memorable characters, whip-smart dialogue and ingenious plot turns over a lot of gangsters yelling at each other any day. Reservoir Dogs is continueally rated as one of the most overrated movies of all time. January 31st, 2016. ten56gibby Members 8.1k NetStar Members 17.9k big_cat Members 6.6k Members Posted May 6, 2009 boondock saints is the most overrated movie of all time. on 12/1/2020. Reservoir Dogs 6. "Reservoir Dogs", on the other hand, only has glimpses of what could have been more fleshed out characters. Click to expand. Reservoir Dogs was released in 1992 and has generally received very positive reviews. A master of both horror and action, John Carpenter has been experiencing a bit of a resurgence in popularity as of late. Only, in the original True Romance screenplay, which was penned by Tarantino before Reservoir Dogs , Clarence was supposed to have died at the end, freeing up Alabama work with Mr. White. Answer (1 of 7): Of Tarantino's work, I'm yet to watch three: Django, Kill Bill, and Jackie Brown. In fact, my favorite films of all time are Kill Bill Vol.1 and Kill Bill Vol. The acting was meh, the storyline was meh, the dialogue had bite in casual conversation but anything remotely expositionary or plot-forwarding was merely functional or un-original. It's a classic arrangement of unlikely comrades pitted against the forces of nature. The Blair Witch Project Vertigo (Good movie but not Hitchcock's ultimate masterpiece like every film buff claims it to be. - Entertainment & Arts Question Pulp Fiction 2. Totally immersed in the movie from begining to end. 12-01-08, 03:41 PM #15 My Other Self. View: 100 titles. Reply Like. They got it from something called The List Universe. James Whale, popular. It's a bit overrated, especially compared to Reservoir Dogs. One of the most overrated directors of all time, has made some remarkable films. That would be either Rear Window or North by Northwest.) Top 100 Most Overrated Movies. 2 (can't wait for Vol. As does Death Proof.As does Inglourious Basterds.Yes, the tavern scene in Basterds is brilliant in its subtle buildup of tension . that seemed to be missing in action throughout much of KB2. Mind you, it was still better than Chicago, which I thought was really dire! 1. 21d. John Waters, popular. I didn't see "None are Overrated" option so I picked Reservoir Dogs. The only possible survivor is Steve Buscemi's Mr. He has been coasting on the praise and succes of those movies ever since. Michael Madsen is stuck in the middle of a funny Reservoir Dogs homage. dunkirk and tenet recieved plenty of criticism and lack of universal praise. Posted on Dec 14th, 7:37 AM, , User Since 178 months ago, User Post Count: 18334 . Reservoir Dogs: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Reservoir Dogs 9/10: Show/Add Comments (77) . His movies also have 34 Oscar nominations and seven wins. Seeing Apocalypse Now as the most overrated movie of all time is just incredible. I view it as practice for pulp fiction. Reservoir Dogs is like a stage production made for film. Guillermo del Toro, overrated. It has a non-linear narrative, and plenty of gore and guts. Reservoir Dogs may be a . In fact, it's pretty good and definitely entertaining, but for all the hype that this film received it definitely qualifies as overrated. This overrated, 'so-called-masterpiece' is far from Tarantino's best. superflyrob. Also please just fucking ignore Reservoir Dog. This entire page is filled people saying Dunst is overrated, gave a bad performance, etc etc. Reservoir Dogs just felt like a film student made it (granted, that could be because now all film students worship QT). It's like a rough draft of his magnum opus, Pulp Fiction. Pulp Fiction is his interpretation of arthouse directors Jean-Luc Godard and Wong Kar Wai except without all the depth. Reservoir Dogs is great as well. Movies Podcasts Reviews Forums Lists Box Office Quizzes Podcasts Reviews Forums Lists Box Office Quizzes If I say any overrated movie, it would be Juno. Feral Arkansas Fan Member since Mar 2012 Member since Mar 2012 I am a huge Quentin Tarantino fan. Reservoir Dogs (1992) Eight men in suits walk into a bar and start talking about Madonna. Despite the lack of a fully satisfying conclusion, the characters have a lot of substance and keep the audience on their toes. Sort by: List Order Popularity Alphabetical IMDb Rating Number of Votes Release Date Runtime Date Added. 2, Lists, Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarantino, Reservoir Dogs. Voted for Kill Bill 1, and let me tell you fuckers why. 1. Xyzj, GvJwpq, QKwL, HiZR, wjqriP, hQTa, pAYxa, yXfX, xkaI, bSm, erznot,
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